This rebranding has digital connection

digital connection, a communications and digital marketing agency, undertook a rebranding which included the logo, the website and the online communication strategy. The new corporate identity represents the growth of the agency’s last five years and aims to create a closer experience with the company’s core business.

“Taking the previous visual identity as a starting point, the new logo evolved into a digital transformation with a new element: the retro trend in graphics, which originates and emphasizes the name by which the agency is recognized by its clients and partners: ‘DC ‘”. It transmits “interactivity, specialty and modernity”, says the co-founder and managing partner of the agency João C Silva.

According to the co-founder and managing partner of digital connection Gonçalo Freitas, internationalization is already a reality. “[We want to] continue to grow sustainably, with the specialization of human resources in their areas of competence, delivering an excellent service to the customer” and – he adds – “we have applied a prospecting strategy that is achieving great results in the Asian market. New partnerships are also planned, which we will address by the end of this year. ”

Source: Briefing

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